Our network of attorneys are currently investigating possible lawsuits on behalf of women who have suffered from permanent hair loss due to taking Taxotere for a cancer treatment program. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with alopecia after using Taxotere, you could be entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, suffering, pain and other potential damages.

With the expectation that chemotherapy treatment will slow the growth of cancer cells, it is now alleged that one of the most frequently prescribed chemotherapy drugs in the United States has possibly caused permanent hair loss, or alopecia, for cancer patients who were given Taxotere as part of their treatment program.

These nationwide lawsuits allege that the manufacturer failed to update for warnings regarding Taxotere, and failed to show the results of additional studies despite learning all of the facts about the risks of prescribing Taxotere as a treatment option, then fraudulently concealed the fact that Taxotere caused permanent alopecia unlike other chemo drugs used for cancer treatment, and further engaged in a fraudulent marketing scheme, which involved paying kickbacks and providing other unlawful incentives to entice physicians to prescribe Taxotere.

Evaluating your case and investigating a Taxotere lawsuit can help you gain just compensation for immediate damages as well as possible future damages. This could include: pain and suffering, medical bills, and other possible damages caused by permanent injuries such as alopecia, or permanent hair loss.

We also realize that after an unwanted diagnosis, the last thing you may want is to endure a long legal battle and that’s where our legal team can help. We at recognize the hardships that accompany this condition. For you, we take an experience, professional look at your case during a FREE initial consultation. We then take the time to fully explain all of your legal options and are there for you or your loved one during the entire legal process.

Unfortunately, there have been many reports of the condition among women who have used Taxotere. An association between your condition and Taxotre requires further evaluation. That’s why our lawyers are working tirelessly investigating possible lawsuits on behalf of the women who have signs of suffering.

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